The NAD Leadership Training Conference is pleased to be offering 24 exciting workshops in addition to two plenary presentations, a Racial Justice pre-conference, and Caucus sessions as well! Workshops are subject to change prior to the conference; this page will be updated with date, time, room number, and presenters soon!

Workshop tracks include:

  • Education Advocacy
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Civil Rights Advocacy
  • Government Employee Training and Professional Development

All or most workshops will have Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). If you are interested in earning CEUs and/or attendance credits, please ensure you are signed up for attendance credits with your registration. Further questions may be directed to email.

We have a justification letter available for you to download if you need it!

>> Revamping Vocational Rehabilitation // Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is an important federal program for many deaf and hard of hearing students and adults who want to find employment, but changes in VR have made it harder for them to go to college or gain employment experience.  This issue is one of the NAD’s priorities for the 2018-2020 term, and this workshop will focus on what can be done to change VR for the better so that all deaf and hard of hearing people can get the career they want and deserve. [TRACK: ADVOCACY]

>> Addressing the Injustice of Law Enforcement and Courts // There are too many stories of deaf and hard of hearing people being mistreated or even killed by law enforcement officers. There are also too many stories about deaf and hard of hearing people not having appropriate legal representation or communication access in the courts when they face criminal charges.  This issue is one of the NAD’s priorities for the 2018-2020 term, and this workshop will focus on efforts that are being made by various groups to change law enforcement policies and ensure better representation with full communication access in the courts. [TRACK: ADVOCACY]

>> National Family Campaign: What You Need to Know // The NAD has been involved in a campaign to educate parents and families about how their deaf and hard of hearing children can learn, thrive, and succeed. This issue is one of the NAD’s priorities for the 2018-2020 term, and this workshop will share the progress of this National Family Campaign and what more is planned to outreach to families to promote best practices in language acquisition for all deaf and hard of hearing infants and children. [TRACK: ADVOCACY]

>> Ensuring Equal Access for Deaf Senior Citizens // Deaf and hard of hearing Senior Citizens face many barriers to enjoying their golden years. There should not be any limits for deaf and hard of hearing Seniors with housing, including accessible apartments, assistive living centers, and nursing homes.  There should also be fully accessible programs and services at every senior center. This issue is one of the NAD’s priorities for the 2018-2020 term, and the NAD is proud to partner with Deaf Seniors of America (DSA) to determine the top issues for this population and figure out strategies to address them. This workshop will share their progress and goals. [TRACK: ADVOCACY]

>> The NAD and Interpreters: What’s Going On? // What’s the latest on the NAD and interpreting? Does the NAD work with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)? Will the NAD create its own interpreting certification? Is the NAD still involved with the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct? What’s the NAD doing with Interpreter Agency Accreditation? Come and find out in this workshop! This issue is also one of the NAD’s priorities for the 2018-2020 term. [TRACK: ADVOCACY]

>> Developing and Retaining an Awesome Board and Committees // All nonprofit organizations struggle to find qualified people to volunteer their time to run for Board positions and to take on committee roles. What are the best ways to develop a strong board? What are some ideas or techniques to recruit and retain a great Board and set up productive committees? This workshop will share some of these ideas and techniques, so come and find out as well as share your own experiences! [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]

>> What’s Your Style of Leadership? // There are many kinds of leaders, and every person has a different style of leadership. Being a great leader often means figuring out what works best for you, and also figuring out how to best collaborate with your board and your community that you represent. Come to this workshop and find out the different styles and temperaments of leaders, and explore ways to improve your productivity with your organization! [TRACK: GET & LEADERSHIP]

>> Effective Collaboration with Stakeholders // When you serve on any organization as a member of the Board, you have to answer to members as well as stakeholders. The deaf community has many segments and many groups that have great interest in what we do. Not only is there great diversity within the deaf and hard of hearing community on many levels: race, gender, orientation, nationality, religion, political beliefs, disabilities, and more, but also many other groups that overlap with us, such as parents and family members, interpreters, teachers, employers, employees, and much more. All of them are stakeholders, and collaborating with all of them can be an effective way to advance your organization’s goals. Come and discuss the various ways we can achieve equality through effective collaboration with stakeholders! [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]

>> Emotional Intelligence of Effective Leaders // To be truly effective as a leader, it is important to recognize the importance of emotional intelligence (EI). This is key to having better relations with your Board, your members, your stakeholders, and your community. Find out how to measure your EI, and what tools and techniques are available to you to expand and increase this EI. The mark of all great leaders is accepting that there is always room to improve and learn, and the EI is one way to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Join this workshop and find out your EI! [TRACK: GET & LEADERSHIP]

>> Nothing about Deaf People without ALL Deaf People // We often tell hearing people not to decide anything about deaf and hard of hearing people without making sure we are involved in the decision in the first place. But are we practicing the same when we decide things for all deaf and hard of hearing people? Are we including appropriate representation from the various segments of the deaf and hard of hearing community when we make those decisions? How do we measure this? If we are not, how do we change this and make sure we practice better inclusion? Come to this workshop and find out the best ways to ensure all parts of the deaf and hard of hearing community have a seat at the table on all decisions about us. [TRACK: GET & LEADERSHIP]

>> Maximizing Media, Publicity, and Community Collaboration // People only know about your organization from your media, publicity, and community collaboration. Without these outreach efforts, people will not learn about what you are doing to advance your mission. Social media and other technological tools make it much easier today to engage in effective marketing. Even if you are not a computer expert, you can use many tools to reach many people and show them what your organization is doing. Join this workshop to find out how! [TRACK: GET & ORGANIZATIONAL]

>> Managing Your Organization’s Money // Know how to read your organization’s budget? Are you earning more than you are spending? Are you making a profit or losing money? Do you want to be a great Treasurer? Don’t worry, you do not need to be a Math Pro! That’s what computers and calculators are for! This workshop will help you make sure your organization has a great monthly financial strategy with templates and reporting rules.  Come and learn so that your organization can be financially healthy for years to come! [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]

>> The Many Ways to Enjoy FUNdraising // Need to raise $1,000,000? How???? It starts with $1.00! Every successful fundraising effort has to start small. All fundraising requires planning, but it should not be boring! Too often we think that it’s awful to beg people to donate money, but that’s because it can be done in a FUN way! Come to this workshop and learn the many ways to make every event for your organization fun for everyone while bringing in money to ensure your organization stays healthy and strong! [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]

>> Become a Deaf Parliamentarian! [Two Sessions] // There are not enough deaf and hard of hearing Parliamentarians! YOU can be one! This is a two-part workshop to help train you on how to run a Board meeting while following your Bylaws. You can also learn how to run your conference business meeting! What are you supposed to do when someone makes a motion, an objection, or a Point of Order? We need an army of Deaf Parliamentarians, and we want you to be part of this army! Come and begin your journey to becoming one! [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]

>> Grow Your Organization: Recruit and Retain Your Members // Membership is the key for every organization. In this day and age of social media, it often seems more difficult to recruit and retain members. What are the ways to grow an organization’s membership? Is it better to have free or paid membership? Can you recruit members through social media platforms? What can you offer in exchange for someone joining as a member? Be part of a lively discussion on what tools and programs are available to increase your membership numbers! [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]

>> Create Awesome and Accessible Videos // Online videos are often the best way to share resources, explain something, give an update; it is even more powerful when the videos are in our language – American Sign Language (ASL). How do you make videos that can get many social media views? What are the best ways to create those videos? More importantly, how do you make sure these videos are accessible? Consider who your audience is and you can gain a wider reach. This workshop will provide a hands-on training so get ready to roll your sleeves up! [TRACK: GET & PROFESSIONAL]

>> Advancing as an Employee by Enhancing Skills and Networking // Getting a job is always great! But every person wants and should be able to move up and advance professionally. How? Sometimes barriers prevent deaf and hard of hearing employees from moving up, but often it is possible to get promotions through improvement of your skills and also through networking. This workshop will cover the various ways to continue your education and improving your skills, as well as the best ways to network so that you can find out where the opportunities are and advance.  Join us at this informative workshop on breaking through the ceiling! [TRACK: GET & PROFESSIONAL]

>> What Employers Want From You // Do you know what your boss wants from you?  How can you perform your job tasks in a way that satisfies and exceeds expectations? This workshop will be led by a Human Resources expert to discuss different performance measurements that are commonly used by employers, and provide guidance on maximizing your performance to meet such goals. Come and learn various techniques and practices that you can include in your work goals to improve your chances of promotions and salary increases! [TRACK: GET & PROFESSIONAL]

>> SUE SUE SUE! Legal Victories and Challenges at the NAD // The NAD is hard at work suing in many areas! We have sued hospitals and doctors, video streaming services, universities, courts, sports stadiums, employers, and much more. Are you curious about our latest lawsuits? Wondering what’s next? Find out why we sued one group and not the other. Join us and you’ll learn about Howard’s favorite activity and what the NAD’s legal team is doing! [TRACK: CIVIL RIGHTS]

>> Airplanes, Trucks, Cars, 911, Census, Captioning and VRS: NAD Policy Institute // Sometimes it is more effective to change Federal policy to get the results we want than to file a lawsuit. The NAD has also been hard at work on many federal policies including captioned movies on airplanes, deaf truckdrivers, self-driving cars, text-to-911, the census, captioning on television and the Internet, captioned telephone services, and video relay services. All of these require a lot of planning and meetings with federal agencies and legislators. Find out what the NAD Policy Institute has been doing to advance equality! [TRACK: CIVIL RIGHTS]

>> EHDI: What’s New and What YOU Can Do In Your State // Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) is required by federal law, and it affects programs for deaf and hard of hearing babies in all 50 states and D.C.  This program has accomplished excellent results in identifying which babies are deaf or hard of hearing, but has mostly failed in delivering appropriate services to those babies after they have been identified as deaf or hard of hearing. Each state has its own EHDI program. YOU can be part of the solution to making sure every state has better services for all deaf and hard of hearing babies. Come to this workshop and find out how! [TRACK: EDUCATION ADVOCACY]

>> Legislative Strategies for Your State // Every state has a different legislative process. Some states have passed LEAD-K laws mandating measurements of every deaf and hard of hearing baby’s acquisition of language.  Others have passed Education Bill of Rights for deaf and hard of hearing children. Other states have passed laws requiring showings of Open Captioned movies in theaters. There are also states that have laws requiring culturally appropriate and accessible mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing people. What does your state have or not have? This workshop can show you what you can do for your state! [TRACK: EDUCATION ADVOCACY]