The NAD Leadership Training Conference is pleased to be offering 24 exciting workshops in addition to two plenary presentations, a Racial Justice pre-conference, and Caucus sessions as well! Workshops are subject to change prior to the conference; this page will be updated with date, time, room number, and presenters soon!

Workshop tracks include:

  • Education Advocacy
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Civil Rights Advocacy
  • Government Employee Training and Professional Development

Workshops will not have Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) this year. If you are interested in earning attendance credits, please contact email to discuss options.

We have a justification letter available for you to download if you need it!

>> Thursday Plenary // Racial Equity Training
CO-PRESENTERS: Elvia Guillermo Aguilar and Bregitt (Jimenez) Endicott
In the four hours of Racial Equity Training, participants will interactively explore perspectives on race, racism, and racial and ethnic disparities through hands-on activities. Skilled facilitators from the Gallaudet University will foster thoughtful analysis and dialogue. Participants will gather insights that is practical for understanding and choosing the roles we play when it comes to equity in America, our communities and organizations. [TRACK: PLENARY]
>> Friday Luncheon Plenary // State Associations Presidents’ Leadership Panel
FACILITATOR: NAD Board Region I Representative Liz Hill
A panel of selected State Association leaders will be part of a question and answer session to showcase different styles of leadership. There is no one way to lead a state association or any organization, and the panel will discuss how each of them has dealt with challenges in issues and interpersonal relations through their leadership style. The panel will also discuss how they learned to lead their organizations and what lessons they believe are most important for all leaders to learn. [TRACK: PLENARY]
>> Saturday Luncheon Plenary // Mentoring Deaf Leadership
CO-PRESENTERS: NAD President Melissa Draganac-Hawk and NAD Youth Ambassador Domonic Gordine
There are many kinds of leadership, and while everyone has a different role to fulfill as a leader, it is very important to pass on these skills through mentorship. Leadership includes sharing experiences, life lessons, resources, strategies, and other important information with others to empower the next generation of leaders. Doing so is the optimal means to ensuring a strong and enduring legacy for our deaf and hard of hearing community. It is also important to ensure that there are strong mentors for all deaf and hard of hearing youth. [TRACK: PLENARY]
>> #NLTC2019 Kick Off

PRESENTER: NAD President Melissa Draganac-Hawk

Update Report on the 2018-2020 Priorities:

  • Revamping Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Addressing Injustice of Law Enforcement & Courts
  • National Families Campaign
  • Ensuring Equal Access for Senior Citizens
  • NAD & Interpreters: What's Going On
  • Plenary -- Future Leadership and You

    PRESENTER: Glenn Anderson

    The legendary Dr. Glenn Anderson will address the topic of advocacy and identifies some of the personal qualities and “tools” one needs to possess in order to be a successful Deaf advocate. Deaf people have a long history of advocating and overcoming numerous barriers and obstacles to equality, independence, and autonomy. Deaf people have the unique distinction of being the first group in American history to establish a national civil rights organization. As a result, Deaf people have a long history of advocating for and overcoming numerous barriers and obstacles to equality, independence, and autonomy in a society dominated by hearing people. Among the topics that will be addressed in this presentation are the following:
    - Deaf Advocates—Who?
    - My Deaf Advocate Role Model
    - Why was Dr. Foster successful?
    - What tools do you need to be a successful Deaf advocate and leader?
    - My favorite memory about leadership and teaching others

    >> Developing and Retaining Passionate Boards/Committees
    PRESENTER: NAD Board Region I Representative Steve Lovi
    Every organization struggles with finding and retaining dedicated and strong individuals to serve as Board members as well as on committees. Many people today are busy with work, family, and other priorities so it is difficult to recruit the right people who have the necessary skills, the available time, and the committed drive to serve our organizations. This workshop will focus on what traits to look for in possible individuals with the goal of recruiting them for various board positions and for committees. [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]
    >> Encouraging Youth for Success!
    PRESENTER: NAD Director of Youth Programs Chanel Gleicher Bonheyo
    Everyone knows that young people are our future, but are we doing enough to ensure a strong future? Are we training our youth? Are we sharing our experience and knowledge with deaf youth? Sometimes it is difficult for different generations to communicate, so what's the best way to bridge this generational gap? Participate in this workshop and get ideas and plans that may bring youth to your organization and truly include them as partners. This workshop will include information and discussion about existing NAD youth programs, and how your organizations can be partners in these programs. We must invest in deaf youth and our future! [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]
    >> Establishing Your Succession Plan with Youth
    PRESENTER: NAD Board Region II Representative Linsay Darnall, Jr.
    It is critically important to have a succession plan in every organization and team. What happens when the President or leader leaves (finishes term, resigns, retires, or other forms of departure)? Do you have a succession plan? Are you grooming the next generation of leaders? Have you thought about including deaf youth as part of your succession plan? This workshop explores how to maximize inclusion of youth and creating the best succession plan for your organization or team. [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]
    >> Emotional Intelligence of Effective Leaders
    PRESENTER: NAD Vice President Richard McCowin
    Not all leaders are equally effective in inspiring others to collaborate as a team. What makes the difference? In many cases, the key to effectiveness as a leader depends on emotional intelligence. While it is always important to have knowledge, experience, and understanding of real world facts to help decide how to resolve challenges and issues, emotional intelligence is often the key to better interpersonal skills and encouraging people to follow your lead. Join this workshop and find out your emotional intelligence! [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]
    >> Nothing About Deaf People Without ALL Deaf People
    PRESENTER: NAD Board Region IV Representative Amy Gomme
    Leadership of any organization or association today requires ensuring that all parts of the community are part of the decision-making, and excludes no part of the community. This effort requires dialogue and collaboration with all parts of the community you serve. This workshop will cover tips and recommendations on how to be truly inclusive. It is critically important that all segments are contributing to your organization or team including DeafBlind, Deaf+, Black Deaf, Latinx/o/a Deaf, Asian Deaf, Native American Deaf, Deaf Seniors, Deaf Youth, Deaf LGBTQ, Deaf Women, and many more. [TRACK: LEADERSHIP]
    >> Priorities: From the Beginning to the End
    PRESENTER: NAD Board Region IV Representative Martin Price
    A brief history of how we got to the limit of 5 priorities each national conference will be given along with the progress of the priorities from the last 5 conferences. We will give an overview of how a priority is proposed in the beginning and where it goes next. The process and procedures with the Council of Representatives (COR) where the delegates have a chance to discuss the merits of each priority proposal will be reviewed along with how a priority makes it to the top 5 list for NAD to work on for the next 2 years. Finally, information on how the final 5 priorities are tasked to specific members of the board and staff members of NAD will be shared. [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]
    >> Managing Your Organization's Money
    PRESENTER: NAD Treasurer Michelle Cline
    The success of any nonprofit organization depends on making sure money is managed appropriately, with an emphasis on ensuring revenues are higher than expenses and how to grow the money that is saved. To do this, it is very important to make sure the organization follows best practices in money management and also complies with all federal and state requirements. Come to this workshop and learn the best ways to handle money that comes in and goes out! [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]
    >> The Many Ways to Enjoy FUNdraising!
    PRESENTER: NAD Secretary Jenny Buechner
    Every organization depends on funding to be effective and grow. What are the various ways that an organization can fundraise? Which methods of raising funds are successful? Which are appropriate or not? This workshop explores the many ideas that have been helpful to nonprofit organizations, and will engage in a discussion with participants about finding new and creative ways to bring in new revenue for your organization.
    >> The Best Ways to Run a Board Meeting
    CO-PRESENTERS: NAD State Legislative Affairs Coordinator Kim Bianco Majeri, and NAD Board Region II Representative Kevin Ryan
    You do not need to have or be a Parliamentarian to run your board or team meetings. You can have a meeting where at the end everyone walks away feeling productive and motivated! How? Come and find out the tips and techniques to a successful and efficient meeting! This workshop will focus on steps that are useful in structuring meetings ahead of time, and how to open the meeting, discuss each issue in a constructive way, complete all necessary items, and bring the meeting to a close with everyone satisfied. [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]
    >> The Best Ways to Host an Organization Business Meeting
    CO-PRESENTERS: NAD State Legislative Affairs Coordinator Kim Bianco Majeri, and NAD Board Region II Representative Kevin Ryan
    All organizations have business meetings, which are often the most visible event for each organization each term. While it is ideal to have certified Parliamentarians present at these business meetings to help moderate difficult situations, the best run meetings are those where the leaders are well prepared and familiar with how to make everything flow smoothly from start to end. How? Come to this workshop and learn various ways to structure your business meeting in advance to ensure everyone can participate and debate in an orderly manner. There is no magic solution to disputes but there are many ways to manage disagreements to ensure the best interests of the community and the organization come first. Join this workshop to learn how you can be part of the solution! [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]
    >> Grow Your Organization: Recruit and Retain Your Members
    PRESENTER: NAD Appointed Board member Benro Ogunyipe
    Many organizations struggle to find new members, and more importantly, keep them involved. Organizations can only survive and thrive with motivated and interested members. How can we do this? This workshop will explore ways to grow your organization by making it more appealing to more people and different segments of the deaf community. Find out what appeals to different groups so that you can draw more people to want to join and be involved. Identify what makes people want to join and what makes them avoid organizations. Design organizational activities to meet their interests and needs, and keep them excited with their own goals. [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]
    >> Instilling Advocacy Skills in Deaf Youth
    PRESENTER: NAD Appointed Board member Alicia Lane-Outlaw
    Advocacy is not inherited, it must be taught. We, as deaf people, are all too familiar with having to advocate for our own basic civil rights including communication access. What about deaf youth? Many are mainstreamed and may not receive information or training necessary to self-advocate when they go to college or university, or when they seek jobs, or simply getting access at their doctor's office or at conferences or events. Even deaf students from deaf schools may not get the self-advocacy training they need, given that most deaf schools are more accessible than the world at large. Your organization can be the key to making sure deaf youth gain the skills and knowledge they need to be effective advocates for their own civil rights. [TRACK: ORGANIZATIONAL]
    >> HOW-TO: Strategize Your Social Media
    PRESENTER: NAD Content Coordinator Sara Jane Fair
    Creating content for social media includes planning, but where or how do you start? It's overwhelming to figure out what kinds of posts to create and whether you need to develop a video or graphic for it, and also to develop the text for the post itself. Do you share another page's content or create your own? Should your post have a video with your post? Have you thought about creating an editorial calendar? Sara will share some useful planning tips and ideas on how you can maximize your social media channels to increase followers! [TRACK: PROFESSIONAL]
    >> Create Awesome and Accessible Videos
    PRESENTER: NAD Director of Communications Lizzie Sorkin
    Videos are the best way to provide full communication in ASL for many deaf organizations, but it is important that these videos are effective, understandable, and accessible. Is your organization sending out videos that deliver your message in a strong and clear way to every part of the community? What do you need to know about making videos? What are the best practices with video technology, lights, backgrounds, clothing, messaging, editing, formatting, and accessibility? Captioning is needed to be accessible to all and transcripts must also be provided so that DeafBlind people can access it. Are you also including description of what is happening in the video? Come and learn all of these necessary parts of making a successful video that benefits everyone online. [TRACK: PROFESSIONAL]
    >> Advocating for Better VR and Employment
    PRESENTER: NAD Board Region III Representative Holly Ketchum
    Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) in recent years have become very challenging for deaf and hard of hearing people who seek to go to college or university to prepare for a career. Some states are now not allowing deaf and hard of hearing students to go to out-of-state colleges or universities. Also, some states are making it more difficult for deaf people to receive VR services with higher levels of Order of Selection (OOS). What options are available to deaf and hard of hearing people who are facing those difficulties at their state VR offices? Join this informative workshop to find out what you as deaf leaders can do to share information with deaf and hard of hearing individuals who wish to get a better education and what resources and tools you can use to help advocate for them. [TRACK: PROFESSIONAL]
    >> Sue Sue Sue! Legal Victories and Challenges
    CO-PRESENTERS: NAD CEO Howard A. Rosenblum and NAD Public Policy Counsel Zainab Alkebsi
    The NAD has seven lawyers, with four of those lawyers focusing on lawsuits. What kind of cases are they handling? Who are they suing? How do they decide which cases to take for lawsuits? How many cases do they work on at the same time? Why can't they take all deaf cases? What do they do with the cases that they cannot accept? What are the recent successes they have had? What are the challenges they see in the legal system? Watch NAD lawyers in action as they answer all these questions and also your questions! This is an opportunity for you to learn how the NAD advocates for the civil and human rights of deaf and hard of hearing people, and also an opportunity for you to share your frustrations about discrimination with these lawyers! [TRACK: CIVIL RIGHTS]
    >> Airplanes, Truck Driving, Cars, Captioning and VRS: Power of Policy
    PRESENTER: NAD Public Policy Counsel Zainab Alkebsi
    The NAD has two policy lawyers, one for education and another for various federal laws and federal agencies. The NAD Policy Counsel will present on the work of the NAD Policy Institute. This workshop will explore how policy lawyers work differently from litigation lawyers. The presentation will show the different ways that the NAD advocates for changes in policy through (but not limited to): proposing new or modified laws; proposing new or modified regulations; filing comments on rule-making inquiries; researching and publishing position statements; and researching and developing ranking profiles of various industries. Join to learn what the NAD has done to advocate for improvements for: access on planes, deaf driving trucks, accessible self-driving cars, improved captioning, and better VRS services. Come and take a peek at preliminary findings from our ranking projects on airlines, metro trains, and sports stadiums! [TRACK: CIVIL RIGHTS]
    >> EHDI: What's New and What YOU Can Do In Your State
    PRESENTER: NAD Education Policy Counsel Tawny Holmes Hlibok
    Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) is a federal program that requires every state to develop systems to test every newborn baby to see if they are deaf, and if they are deaf then to provide intervention services. While the detection program has been very successful with deaf babies being identified earlier than in the past, the challenge is in making sure the intervention programs are appropriate. Because this program is implemented differently in each state, all of us need to do our part in making sure our home states are providing the right kind of services to hearing parents who have just learned that their baby is deaf. We need to welcome them to our Deaf community, and encourage them to adopt Deaf culture for their children. Participate in this workshop to learn how you can be a valuable ally for hearing families with deaf babies! [TRACK: EDUCATION ADVOCACY]
    >> Hearing Parents: Win Their Hearts and Minds
    CO-PRESENTERS: NAD Education Policy Counsel Tawny Holmes-Hlibok and NAD Treasuerer Michelle Cline
    Most deaf babies are born to hearing parents and families. Most hearing parents/families do not know anything about Deaf culture. What's the best way to educate hearing families about Deaf culture? YOU can be part of the solution. Join our National Family Campaign as we strive to win hearing families' minds and hearts to support ASL and Deaf culture for their deaf babies. Be part of the discussion on how we can gain more hearing allies and achieve more signing deaf babies! [TRACK: EDUCATION ADVOCACY]
    >> Legislative Strategies for Your State
    CO-PRESENTERS: NAD State Legislative Affairs Coordinator Kim Bianco-Majeri & NAD Education Policy Counsel Tawny Holmes Hlibok
    How do we improve our lives and gain equality and equity? Often the answer is to pass new laws or amend those laws or modify the rules. While federal laws are very powerful in affecting all of us in every state and territory, it is often faster and more effective to create or change laws or rules in your home states than on the federal level. How do we pass a new state law or add a new state regulation? This is the workshop for you to learn how to identify your legislator, how to talk to your legislator, how to write a state bill, how to gather support for the bill, and how to lobby for your bill to pass into law. There are many laws you can pass in your state, such as: LEAD-K, Deaf Child Bill of Rights, deaf mental health rights, interpreter licensure, open captioned movie theater requirements, deaf and hard of hearing commission creation, and changing terminology in all state laws to "deaf and hard of hearing." You can bring all those ideas back to your state and decide which law you want to work to pass! [TRACK: EDUCATION ADVOCACY]
    >> The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    PRESENTER: Vicki Lowen
    This workshop will offer you the opportunity to learn and apply the 7 principles for greater success in your business and personal lives. The presentation will explore how each of these traits provide the support needed for these people to be effective, and can be applied to your everyday life, particularly at your job. While every person is different, learning about these seven traits can help you be more effective in your workplace. Be part of this discussion and begin to practice those seven habits towards a more successful career! [TRACK: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE TRAINING]
    >> Leveraging Your Soft Skills in a Competitive Job Market During an Interview and Beyond
    PRESENTER: Isidore Niyongabo
    When you walk in for an interview, you have one chance to make an impression. It is up to you to make the interviewer believe you are the best qualified person for the job. What are the best ways to do this? This training focuses on tips and techniques to impress interviewers and have them remember you above and beyond others. Attend this workshop to gain all the secrets to wowing people to get the job you want and career advancement tips. [TRACK: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE TRAINING]
    >> Assistive Technology and Accommodations in Employment
    PRESENTER: Jeff Dallos
    The Department of Defense’s (DoD) Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) provides assistive technology and services free of charge to federal employees with disabilities at partnering agencies and wounded, ill and injured Service members to increase access to information and employment opportunities. CAP supports the Rehabilitation Act by eliminating the costs of assistive technology and accommodation solutions. Recognizing that the cost of technology often remained a barrier to employment, DoD established CAP in 1990 as a centrally funded program to provide assistive technology (AT) and services to DoD employees with disabilities at no cost. CAP has provided over 211,000 accommodations to equip federal employees with disabilities and to support military personnel. Jeffrey Dallos, Management Analyst, will offer an overview of the unique program, highlight and discuss reasonable accommodations for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind employees. [TRACK: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE TRAINING]
    >> From Getting By to Getting Ahead – Tips for Climbing the Federal Government Career Ladder
    PRESENTER: Claudia L. Gordon
    Do you feel valued at work? Do you value the work you do? Do you feel like your contributions matter? Are your accommodation needs being met? Do you believe that you are being afforded equal opportunity for advancement? How do you tackle external as well as internal obstacles? What are your career advancement goals? With over 15 years of federal government experience which encompassed several senior leadership positions including a stint in Obama White House, drawing on personal experience, speaker will share practical tips for federal career advancement. [TRACK: GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE TRAINING]